Meanwhile, goods are scanned, recorded and labeled in almost all areas of a company. Especially in logistics companies packages must be able to be processed quickly and ergonomically for the employee for further transport. For these IT workstations, we have developed a modular concept that allows the workplace design to be space-saving and ergonomic for the employee. Monitor and keyboard can be swiveled to the employee and adjusted to the height of the employee. Printers, scanners and dispensers are in the employee’s workspace and can be easily operated. Cables are inserted in the existing channels and thus do not disturb the workflow. We will design special solutions for special requirements on request.

The triple extension arm is suitable for a swivel range of monitor and keyboard up to 2 m projection.With multiple joints, the monitor can be easily swiveled around an obstacle and placed in the desired Position. With our support rail, the triple extension arm can be stably screwed to the wall. It is also possible to attach the triple extension arm to DVE’s in the hospital or on machines. The cables can be inserted into the profiles of the extension arms and are protected from dirt and damage. At the joints of the extension arms, the stiffness can be adjusted via a friction element. Our triple extension arm is individually adjustable in the overall length, depending on the application. Also, instead of a monitor, only a tray or a support on the triple extension arm can be mounted. About the swivel arm is a height adjustment of 350mm possible. You will find  information in our catalog for individual components and we can individually build your solution together.


Our new smart lift has been specially designed for workplaces that have limited space for monitor mounts. The smart lift can be easily adjusted in height by 400mm and thus offers an ergonomic workplace for small and large employees. The keyboard can be folded up as needed, saving valuable space when the smart lift is not in use and then the distance to the wall is low. The mounting holders  can be mounted on the wall, on rails in the hospital or even mobile on a Chassis. Monitors, input terminals, keyboards or large monitors can be mounted. The construction is with continuous grooves a simple and flexible mounting of the components, which can be screwed on at any height. It is also possible to attach shelves or Scanners. The innovative holders is largely made of aluminum and can be easily cleaned. You will find information under Catalog balance lift.


The monitor mount for the Philips MX series is designed, that the monitor can be tilted within a range of +/- 15 ° without loosening a clamping Lever. Especially with heavy monitors, it often happens that the monitors tilt forwards. In this solution, the monitor remains stable in the desired position without fixing the setting with a clamping Lever. The holders can be mounted directly to the standard rail, to round pipe or to a ceiling Mounts. With our extension arms, a swing radius of up to 1,500mm can be achieved. On the pictures, the holders for a ceiling Mount were adapted by Trumpf. Required, we provide the holders with height adjustment up to 350mm. More holders can be found in our catalog for Philips Monitors.

Our Panthera swivel arms can be attached to many anesthesia machines. We have standard connections for anesthesia machines from Dräger (Primus, Perseus, …), on GCX rail profile and for other anesthesia machines on request. The swivel arm Panthera has an internal cable guide, where the cables can be easily inserted. The weight balance for the monitor works on a gas spring. this can be a put on an adjusting screw on the exact weight. Even monitors with a weight of up to 15kg can be easily tilted to the desired height, the tilt setting of the monitor is very easy. If barcode scanners are still required for PDMS workstations, we can offer suitable images. The RFID Reader is located below the keyboard shelf to allow easy logging in. The swivel range can be increased with an additional extension arm, so that ergonomic work becomes possible.



Now also we offer mounting holders for mounting the Digi Box on the standard rail or on request also on pipe or other Interfaces. The holder is easy to mount with a screw on the horizontal or on the vertical standard rail. Similar holders can also be made for other mini PCs, like clients etc.