Triple extension arm for monitors

The triple extension arm is suitable for a swivel range of monitor and keyboard up to 2 m projection.With multiple joints, the monitor can be easily swiveled around an obstacle and placed in the desired Position. With our support rail, the triple extension arm can be stably screwed to the wall. It is also possible to attach the triple extension arm to DVE’s in the hospital or on machines. The cables can be inserted into the profiles of the extension arms and are protected from dirt and damage. At the joints of the extension arms, the stiffness can be adjusted via a friction element. Our triple extension arm is individually adjustable in the overall length, depending on the application. Also, instead of a monitor, only a tray or a support on the triple extension arm can be mounted. About the swivel arm is a height adjustment of 350mm possible. You will find  information in our catalog for individual components and we can individually build your solution together.


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